The Mini Stamp -$200

Feel like you have nothing to wear? Well this is a good place to start. This package includes an hour long wardrobe consultation, followed by a detailed recommendation of what’s needed to update your wardrobe.

The Super Stamp – $500

Is your wardrobe on the meager side? Need some fresh additions? Don’t feel like shopping? This is your ticket to super-sizing your style. This package includes Mini Stamp plus 3 hours of personal shopping to find new clothing and accessories that will compliment your desired look and leave your wardrobe amped with style.

The Ultimate Stamp – $750

This package is highly recommended by Olisi. It includes The Super Stamp plus a complete wardrobe renovation. The renovation is a complete audit of  your wardrobe which includes:

- A 3-hour closet consultation to clear out the old and dated items that are wasting closet space potential.
- Detailed revisions of your current clothing which will entail dividing clothes into donate, sell and keep piles.
- A fresh start closet reorganization

Other Styling Services – Price Upon Request

Special Occasion
Mommy-to-Be/Post Pregnancy
Personal Shopping
Wardrobe Renovation